Electromechanical Installations

Installation of automatic equipment

Painting equipment such as robots, electrostatic bells, for painting processes.

Assembly Line

New and/or relocation of existing process lines including unloading maneuvers, locating, tracing, leveling and support services for testing and commissioning.

Pipe Installation

Water, air, oil, oil, steam, gas, and fuel pipelines with welding certification if required

Installation and commissioning

Commissioning of cooling towers and chillers and melting furnaces.

Cell installation

of robots

Installation of machining centers

Machined parts

Success stories:

GM San Luis Potosí Complex

Design, manufacture, installation and programming of fork transfer for assembly line.

GM Complex Ramos Arizpe

Installation of 2 DVTS machines from final line assembly plant to new final line GMT 250, of approximately 20 tons. C / u, included modification to cabins, electrical and pneumatic supply and air ductwork.

MAGNA Mechanisms

Start-up of immersion and robotic painting lines.

Chrysler México

Installation of the Process Line for the manufacture of the 6.1 engine at the Ramos Arizpe Plant. Relocation of assembly process line stations for the expansion of prod. At 45 u. / hr.


Installation of 2 STRIKO smelting furnaces of 50 and 80 TONS including the unloading, drawing, leveling and start-up maneuver and electromechanical installation of a 100-ton refrigeration chiller at the Saltillo plant.

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