Civil Work

Construction of ditches and Trenches

Construction of ditches inside industrial buildings, cutting and removal of concrete floor blocks to avoid demolition (noise, dust, longer execution time), excavation to a depth of 10 meters, construction of slabs (flat top) and retaining walls, construction of dentils for anchoring equipment, including perimeter angle pumping sumps and confinement of leftover materials.

Fosas y Trincheras Fosas y Trincheras

Remodeling and Demolition

- (Buildings) Demolition and replacement of floors in industrial warehouses /p>

- (Facades) Demolition of old floor and pouring of a new floor at GBS lobby access in GM Ramos Arizpe

- (Offices) Change of floors, ceilings, walls, air conditioning, painting and remodeling of drainage, water and electrical services.

Remodelaciones Demoliciones

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