Material handling systems


Manufacture and installation of semi-automatic gravity conveyors.


For your plant's internal and external material handling needs,ELCCO offers the design and manufacture of steel racks according to the storage needs of your parts and the space available in your work area.
Gondolas: Elcco offers products for the handling, retention and disposal of waste materials (liquids - solids) according to the customer's needs.


Robust and long-lasting, our platforms keep the concept of materials handling inside the plants, manufactured according to the customer's needs, painted, nickel-plated, or galvanized with turning or fixed system, dragging or mechanical to transport heavy objects inside the plants.


Trolley with bearings that can be adapted to the customer's needs,they can have a turning and braking system, taking care that it is ergonomic, light but resistant and can be nickel-plated, galvanized or painted (soluble or powdered).


For transporting and handling material within the plants. The dollie allows the operator to handle the required material in an ergonomic, simple and safe way.

They are manufactured according to the customer's needs based on the concept that they may have in their plant or making a completely new design that complements their ideas.

Using the creativity and imagination of our design department, the purpose of these trolleys is to ensure the movement of components while optimizing space, ensuring the distribution of the parts to be housed (loading-unloading).

Selective Rack

Ideal for immediate access storage, manufactured to exceed all RMI standards. Constructed of rolled steel for durability and safety, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and capacities.

High bay rack

This system is manufactured with structural, rigid and durable materials for the high-rise storage system above the standard.


The carton flow system allows us to have visibility of the inventory so that all corridors are kept assorted for easy stocking. Built to withstand impact, with steel axle wheels and rails that are easy to remove and install.

Success Stories:

General Motors Of Mexico

Constructions of dollies with turning, pulling and hitching system,with custom machined parts in nylamid,laminated coatings and urethanes, for Silao, Toluca and Ramos Arizpe complexes.

Design, manufacture, and installation of gravity rack for engine and transmission, with semi-automated pneumatic system, for San Luis Potosi complex.

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Selective Rack

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